FAIKE Is A Collection Of Useful And Beautiful Professional Accessories
FAIKE is intended for a redefined class of self-made women that we call "earned luxury."
All of our objects support the working professional to make her life easier, and more aesthetically pleasant. 

FAIKE Is Reimagined Classics
We mix classic materials in unexpected executions.
All of our objects live in a world of modern craft, with elegant shape, and artistic vernacular. 

FAIKE Is Craft Luxury
We believe there are working professionals who appreciate luxury, but also appreciate small business craft.
 Our small business partners are meticulous about quality, and our items come with an authenticity provenance.

FAIKE Is A Lasting Impression
Our goal is to make transcendent luxury pieces that create a polished presentation.
We strive to make our objects conversational and covetable - because there are other things to talk about besides work.

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We have leveraged our years of industry experience and contacts to gain access to an exclusive factory in Florence, Italy, that services only a few luxury fashion house brands. All of our bags are finished by hand, and are not mass produced. Even with limited quantities, we are able to offer competitive pricing for true luxury goods by selling directly to our customer.
Our goal is to connect you to heritage craftpeople through useful and beautiful objects. Each of our items comes with a serial number unique to your item. By purchasing a FAIKE, you are entering an exclusive family, and are being written into our history. 
Stephanie + Maria, Founders of FAIKE